Healing ourselves and the next generation

Drug proof kids is a movement, a calling, to come more into harmony and wholeness together.

When kids or parents turn to drugs as a solution (whether prescription or street drugs) it is only covering up not treating the deeper needs of the issue.

Addiction is an attempt to escape unresolved pain, intolerable feelings, trying to fulfill an unmet need or to meet the innate human longing for freedom and wholeness.

Possible risk signs start young ADD, sensory, behavioral or emotional issues can stem from a triggered nervous system which is caused by some kind of trauma or imbalance of the body, mind, spirit.

The good news is healing is possible at any age. My passion is working with new families and families that may have tendencies towards addiction in their lineage.

I have a gift of being able to pick up on what is causing an issue and can act as a translator for young children.

Bless your child as the truly unique gift that they are!

-You will learn how to support a resilient child that will want to make positive choices for him/herself.

-Develop deeper understanding of them and a connection that nurtures them and you on all levels.

-Clear limiting subconscious beliefs that no longer serve your personal development or family.

-You will sleep more peacefully knowing that you are making the best choices for you and your child and are on a clear path to true holistic health and happiness.